There are many benefits to having one of our A-grade students tutor your child:

  1. We have tutors working across Johannesburg.
  2. One-on-one or group tutoring is available.
  3. Once-off exam preparation or long term lessons are offered.
  4. Our tutors come to your home, at times that are convenient to you. Our lessons are flexible and don’t have to last exactly one hour every week.
  5. We have tutors for all subjects, including Maths, Accounting, Science, English, Afrikaans, French, German, Zulu, Biology and History amongst others. If we don’t offer the subject you need we will go out and find a tutor for you!
  6. Homework and mini tests are given if desired. We also have material and past papers for selected subjects.
  7. Reports are sent out monthly, with comments from the tutor on how the student is progressing in lessons, what has been covered and details on any problem areas.
  8. Fill-in teachers when tutors go on holiday.
  9. We offer Matric revision courses before exams.
  10. We offer study guidance sessions, to improve the way students learn and to make their time spent studying more efficient.
  11. Tutors have achieved at least 80% as a Matric mark, or have studied the subject they tutor at university. For tutors that teach university subjects, our minimum criteria is 75% to tutor a subject.
  12. Our tutors have all been interviewed personally by our management team. We hand pick the best students at university, as well as have tutors that are working in their subject field and as qualified teachers.
  13. Our tutors can help with study methods, how to deal with exam stress and can help mentor their students through school and varsity.
  14. We have a General Manager dedicated to student affairs.
  15. Discounts are on offer for lesson packages.