“Our aim is to give students a more positive tutoring experience, by giving them exceptional tutors who can teach them subject matter, but who can also establish a relationship. This relationship is the foundation for building an environment to learn, not just about course material but about how to study, how to handle school, exams, studying, even the stress of being a teenager or getting through the first year of varsity. Having a mentor who understands where you are coming from and who can guide you through the jungle of education helps instill confidence, which is sometimes the most important thing that is needed.

We decided that we would pay our tutors well above the going rate, so that we could be picky in choosing who works for us, and could attract only the best and brightest. Our tutors are mostly university students – people just like us who wanted to use their years of good grades and honing of studying skills to get a job. All have at least a Matric A in the subjects they teach, and because we pay so well we can expect a little more from them.”

“Because we find such fantastic people to tutor for us, they often end up as mentors and role models to their students. This is something that is very important to us – that our tutors take the job to heart and that they offer more than just an hour of teaching for a bit of cash.

As we have grown and expanded we have taken on an outstanding General Manager. Paul started with the company in early 2015 and has helped the company grow from strength to strength while keeping a strong focus on building a relationship with our clients.”

“Tutoring students is an incredibly rewarding undertaking, which is why we both continued tutoring for so many years. Study Doctor is an expression of our commitment to our students, and to helping them learn better with young, dynamic, motivated tutors who can teach and inspire them.

We don’t just want our students to have more knowledge, we also want to show them how to learn properly, and encourage a passion and a responsibility towards their studies.

We hope that we can do our part in helping you with the education of your child. Please feel free to contact us personally if you have anything you would like to ask!”

Paul McIver